Bahay Drowing Makata Komiks Lamon Teknolohiya Ano pa ba

Friday, February 27, 2009


Gaily began

A proud idler,

In sunshine and night,

He walked long,

Lamenting songs

In search of self

But she grew tense,

This idler so bold

And beneath her shadow

Fell as she searched

That looked like self

And as her strength

Failed her in length,

She met astray shadow

“Hey!” Said she

Where it can be?”

“Not here.”

“Not there”

“Down the shadow of pale figure”


Thursday, February 26, 2009

What is there in giving?

What is there in giving

That fills the soul with meaning?

Just like a piece of bread on hungry mouth,

A rustle of breeze on lonely branch,

A touch of caress for the sad.

What is there in giving

That fills the heart with everything?

Just like a spark of light on darkest night,

A streak of hue pale sky,

A flash of smile on shattered heart

What is there in giving

That makes you keen and deep?

Just like the perfume of flower on the air

A candid rainbow that paints,

A cool wind on the cheek.

What is there in giving

That makes empty space filled?

Just like the spurt of rain in long summer,

A brilliant moonlight shower,

A wondrous spin of spider

What is there in giving

That brings forth harmony?

Just like words of forgiveness for the contrite

A consolation for the confused,

A sympathy for remorse.

What is there in giving

That fills your life with essence?

Just like a soft grass on bare sole

A flower on heap of trash

A candid lightning flash

What is there in giving

That God made man?

Just like the promise of heaven for the pure

A joyous hope

An everlasting love.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

On Act of Charity

If man is good and Love is free,

Then all the truth is plain to see,

To love is charity,

If heart is true then light of love shines through,

Man deed of honest due,

Is finest and mellow.

Life is but a journey

Towards unknown mystery

Man is a bundle of responsibility

To give, to Love, to Live.

When You give everything

You’ve done it brilliantly

But when you give yourself

You’ve done it heavenly.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What does Man Receive?

Man receives blessings

To feel he is loved

Man receives intelligence,

That he may understand what is good and bad.

Man receives insight

To see beneath surface, that he may uncover the heart

Man receives discriminating minds,

To note fine distinction, that he may define meaning

Man receives discernment,

To detect which is truth and deceit.

Man receives good judgment,

That he may make sound decisions

Man receives intelligence

To think clearly

Man receives awareness

To observe what others fail to see

Man receives knowledge,

That he may alter things in good sense

Man receives resources

To share with other men,

Man receives wisdom

That he may understand God’s word.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

It is…

I love the Sun,
Though it is too hot, too far and you can’t reach it…

I love the Moon,
Though it is always glowing out by dawn…

I love the Stars,
There’s a mystery in its sparks…

I love the Clouds,
It’s travel, so gentle and calm…

I love the Sea,
Though it is too big, too restless, and you can’t posses it…

I love the Rivers,
Though it is flowing out of sight…

I love the Marshes,
Where there’s palpitating life…

I love the Swamps,
Its migratory population cries…

I love the Mountains,
It is huge and steep and you cant build it…

I love the Trees,
They’re dwarfing tiny reeds…

I love the Flowers,
Where many songs are made…

I love the Grasses,
Its softness brings me peace…

I love the Bird,
Though it is too small but swift and elusive…

I love Insects,
Their flight so light, their noise so sweet…
I love animals,
Where life lies upon…

I love man,
It’s where grace abounds.

- By Tima